• Frigate by moonlight for clarinet, cello and piano based in the homonymous painting of Konstantinos Volanakis
  • The disembarkation, for alto flute and piano based in the homonymous painting of Konstantinos Volanakis
  • Seascape for flute, clarinet, guitar, cello and piano based in the homonymous painting of Konstantinos Volanakis


  • Manus in mano, miniature for piano
  • Largo melancolico, for piano
  • Psyche, for solo flute
  • Lighthouse, for alto sax and piano
  • 3 tableaux bleus, for two pianos


  • Marine, for flute, guitar, vibraphone, cello
  • Le port de Kalamata, for guitar solo
  • Hydra, for guitar solo
  • Barque à voile, for guitar solo
  • Le port de Copenhague, for guitar solo


  • Nostalgie II, for alto sax, cello, piano
  • Lament, for alto flute
  • Paysages, concert for guitar and strings
  • Sonatina anthologia, for piano (2 and 4 hands)
  • September’s fallen leaves, for guitar solo


  • December’s golden red, for a pianist and a triangle
  • Islet («Νησάκι»), for flute and string orchestra
  • Secret blues, for alto flute and piano
  • Adieu en novembre, for flute, cello and piano
  • Muzykant na Krakowskim Rynku, for solo alto flute
  • Like a bouquet of roses («Σαν δέσμη από τριαντάφυλλα»), based on a Kostas Karyotakis poem, for bass, cello and piano


  • Sonatina anthologia, for solo piano
  • Lune d΄août, for alto flute


  • Monsoon, for flute and vibraphone
  • Juillet, miniature for guitar
  • Starry («Έναστρον»), for vibraphone and small percussion
  • Circle («Κύκλος»), for small percussion school orchestra


  • Colors, commissioned by Onassis Scholars’ Association, for oboe, bassoon and piano
  • Tango illusion, a miniature for flute and harp
  • Olympus, for flute, oboe and bass clarinet
  • Northern star, a miniature for alto flute
  • Five sketches of Athens («Πέντε σκίτσα της Αθήνας»), for flute, english horn, french horn, vibraphone, violin, cello and piano
  • Stars in the dark-lights in the city, for clarinet and piano
  • Pas de deux, piano à quatre mains


  • Promenade avec Maurice, for flute, harp, and double bass
  • Mirrors, for solo flute
  • Zephyros, for orchestra
  • River’s sound, for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano
  • Forget me not, for flute, violin and guitar


  • Luna, for flute, clarinet, French horn, marimba, violin and cello


  • Unforeseen, for solo piano
  • Breeze, flute trio)
  • Nuit, for solo classical guitar
  • On the rails («Στις ράγες»), for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, xylophone, double bass and piano
  • Le jardin de Monet, for flute, clarinet, marimba, percussion and piano




  • Antarctica, quintet, performed in Thessaloniki Concert Hall by Dissonart (Young Composers’ Workshop)
  • Ile lointaine, for English horn, bass clarinet, guitar and piano



  • Cello concert
  • Chronopolis, for orchestra
  • Piano variations
  • Nocturne, for flute and piano
  • String Quartet II


  • 3 pieces for solo piano


  • Wandering to Asia, for English horn, cello and piano